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Obtain copyright permission to reprint, podcast, and record hymns and songs for your congregation.

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Search and download high resolution music image files to use in your worship aid, bulletin, or projection.

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Thousands of songs, ONE LICENSE

We make it easy for worshiping communities to obtain reprint permissions of copyrighted music for congregational use from an impressive list of Member Publishers. Following our three-step process—Download, Create, Report—you can easily provide your community with beautiful worship aids that will help to encourage participation. Our reporting process is a fast, easy, and intuitive way to ensure that composers, authors, and publishers are compensated fairly for their work.



When you become a member of ONE LICENSE, you will be able to preview music files, listen to sample clips, and download high resolution music image files to assist in your reporting and planning.


Download high resolution image files to be used in your worship aid.


Place the high-resolution image in your worship aid using your favorite desktop publishing software.


Report the music you reprint easily. This ensures that the artists receive royalties for the music you use.

Our Testimonials

“For a long time, I innocently copied music, but then I married a church musician who was horrified that I was depriving composers of well-earned recognition and royalties. The staff is friendly, helpful, and the cost is so affordable. It feels genuinely good to use the music appropriately, and I am amazed at the selection and ease of use. Thank you!”

Dr. Janet Irvine

Episcopal Music Leader
Homewood, IL

“One License allows our community to reprint any covered song to enhance our special liturgies like Christmas, Easter, weddings, and other celebrations of life—and easily gives us the opportunity to compensate songwriters while we focus on the music.”

Frank Gibes

Music Minister
St. Thomas More Catholic Student Parish
Kalamazoo, MI

“We use a worship aid every week in our parish and having access to One License streamlines the whole experience. We are able to find titles quickly, and reporting is just as simple! I would happily recommend One License to my colleagues.”

Tamaron Conseur

Director of Music Ministry
St. James Parish
Arlington Heights, IL

"Ever since using the One License annual license, it has made my life easier with such user friendly reporting. I highly recommend this service to all my colleagues in music ministry.”

Dr. Béla Pater

Director of Music
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish
Pittsburgh, PA